About Us

About Us

YouSabi Productions is the premier African-themed media-sharing portal. We provide a collaborative environment for artistes, producers and fans to promote entertainment contents, products and services of African origin. We do not endorse the unathourized distribution of contents for which the contributor does not have demonstrable rights, attributions or ownership.

Re-posting of contents sourced from other online media is forbidden. Willful (or repeated) infraction of any of our terms of service will result in irrevocable termination of access and any privilege associated with such access.

We WILL delete or suspend any contributed content that is lawfully challenged on any legal basis and for which the contributor's legal ownership is not (or cannot be) fully verified.

YouSabi Productions (or its agents, officers, staff) is NOT responsible for the contents of any user's comments on this website. All members are solely responsible for such comments and their appearance on this website does not constitute an endorsement of such comments, however laudable or nefarious.

Any activity or conduct which reflects poorly on YouSabi Productions or its services, agents, officers or affiliates will lead to a suspension or complete termination of the access of the offending members.

YouSabi Productions

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