YOUSABI is a community, and primarily intended for the enjoyment of the community members. We ask that you PLEASE be conscious of this primary objective when participating in this community.

YOUSABI allows you to upload media contents for your personal enjoyment and to share such contents with the community members. YOUSABI does NOT encourage the upload or sharing of ANY content to which you do not hold the copyrights, is not your original creation, or in ANY way infringes on the copyrights of any other person or entity. If you cannot assert a verifiable copyrights ownership of a content, do NOT upload it to YOUSABI. If this same content violates the terms of acceptable use of similar media-sharing portals (e.g. Youtube), then it ALSO violates YOUSABI terms of acceptable use and should NOT be uploaded onto YOUSABI.

If you are a rightful owner of any content on YOUSABI and you have not authorized such contents to be uploaded to (or hosted on) YOUSABI, please contact YOUSABI with VERIFIABLE PROOF of OWNERSHIP, and YOUSABI will make all reasonable efforts to remove such contents as required by The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

YOUSABI's contact information is available here

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